"Living from the heart always feels this good!"

- Alexis Nelson

Welcome to Elevate and Launch, a sanctuary for visionaries and entrepreneurs founded by Alexis Nelson.


Here, we nurture the belief that the essence of rising should be accessible to all who seek it.


This platform isn’t merely about business coaching; it's a beacon of hope for those eager to align their realities with their vision, for individuals looking to bless and be blessed, offering pathways to illuminate their true potential.


Our mission is rooted in ethical, love-based practices, celebrating authenticity, and rewarding those who dare to lead with their hearts.


Our philosophy is simple yet powerful: to recognize individuals for who they truly are and to provide them with the platform to shine.


With Elevate and Launch, we illuminate the path for you to shine brightly. We stand as a network of connection, opportunity, and transformation, where passions evolve into livelihoods, and personal creativity serves the collective.


We leverage the power of modern resources, from template builders to our in house team of expert designers and copywriters, to demonstrate the ease of online growth and expansion.


Our approach makes the journey to success accessible and achievable for anyone willing to embrace their potential.


At Elevate and Launch, we guide you beyond perceived limitations into the reality of your most abundant timeline, where your vision isn’t just a possibility—it’s your new normal.




Hi, I'm Alexis Nelson

Elevate Business Coach

 My Story


I didn’t always know what my passion career was. At first, I did what everyone else does, go to post-secondary, pick a degree in an area of interest, and hope for the best.


Well, my best ended up with me depressed. As I was in my 11th year of corporate with my business admin (BBA) background, I saw the people years ahead of me tired, overworked and still disposable if anything in the economy changes. I saw that as my future and broke down.


I craved more creativity, more flexibility with my days/weeks and frankly working less so I could prioritize other life goals. I always wanted to be a mom since I could remember.


I had a secret dream in my heart to have a work from home type job so I could put my children first. Yet, I had no idea how to make that happen. I was trained for large corporate and although I loved the high pace and recognition, I also knew I couldn’t keep both up as a mom.


My Victories

I ventured on the most terrifying transition of my life – I left my secure corporate job and started my own coaching company based around my passions. And then a year later I started a second business with my husband, a local plumbing company.


Then things kept getting better, I sold my apartment for double market value with healing energy work, and we bought our home in our dream country town, next to the ocean and an old growth forest. We went on inspired dream vacations and met like-minded friends we still have today. And we became parents to a beautiful and smart little girl. Bucket list item after, bucket list item got met. We had to create a new vision board because ours was complete in less than 3 years.


With the help of a couple of coaches, I rewrote my childhood and limiting beliefs of what is possible and what is acceptable. I no longer care that others judge me. I’ve been judged for being too fancy, not fancy enough, being too skinny, not skinny enough, being too know it all, being not educated enough. What people think doesn’t bother me anymore. Chances are the ones that are judging are also not taking their own inspired action in life so they have the time to observe others.


To honor myself I embrace all of me, the fancy side and out in nature side. This work I do is about learning and following our own inner intuition for where we are being lead. With a little practice it gets easier over time. Like a muscle, communicating with your true self gets louder and clearer. And when you go after what you truly want, life becomes magical. Now doesn’t that sound fun?


My Intentions

1. To assist others in living by their passions.

2. To guide others to launch a legacy business.

3. To have fun in business and help others do the same.


My Mission


My mission is to help with the creation of our new world based in love and real support. By assisting in guiding growth for heart led businesses. 


My Philosophy

I believe that love can heal, and our economy can thrive on ethics. I believe in supporting each other and being as kind as we know how to be, in each moment. Including taking care of ourselves, the animals and our environment too. 


My Growth Mindset

In order to ride the wave of life, we must keep moving.


Moving in this case is learning new and expanding out. This is self-directed learning, taking the initiative to follow through with your inner guidance system.


Having a growth mindset to me means releasing fears as they come up and follow through with the next step decided on. Reading a new educational book, watching a documentary over a drama movie. Having a growth mindset means taking the initiative to keep doing something new.  

We would love to join you on your journey!


Where transformation is not just a vision but a lived experience. Whether through personalized coaching, strategic visioning, heart-driven leadership, or legacy building, Alexis Nelson and Elevate and Launch are committed to transforming your vision into a legacy.


A legacy that not only succeeds but inspires and contributes to a world where business and personal fulfillment are one and the same.


Are you ready for a quantum leap into a future where your vision and reality converge?


Elevate and Launch is more than just a stepping stone; it's a gateway to your most vibrant, abundant self. Let’s transform this vision into a tangible legacy, together. Reach out today to begin your journey towards an abundant timeline, with us, at Elevate and Launch.

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